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Whitsunday Water Pump Sales & Service

Whitsunday Mowers has added the best-value pumps to our arsenal of life-changing landscaping machinery. These are pumps that will perform under pressure. The aim of course is to distribute water to where it’s needed—over distances and up hills, often from natural water sources on your property.

A good pump can be transformative, especially for larger properties. At Whitsunday Mowers, you’re in luck—finding the right pump for the job just got easier for you. We are experts in small engine mechanics. Deciding on the merits of each piece of equipment we sell is all part of what we do. We shy away from the bargain bin.
This is not where the kind of machinery you could count on in tropical North Queensland will be found. Any model that needs to be run at full capacity to achieve anything is simply not going to cut it. We recommend only pumps and other equipment that you can count on for long term operation.

Reliable power on tap is what you’ll need. In this regard, we want to be able to shut our doors at the end of the day, knowing we made a difference for our customers. Without adequate irrigation in our sunny Whitsundays region, the state of our lawns and gardens doesn’t bear thinking about. Make sure you’re in a position to give your garden the soaking it deserves, talk to us at Whitsunday Mowers today.

After Sales For Your Pump

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We service, maintain and repair all gardening and landscaping equipment at Whitsunday Mowers. For dependable reliability, we can recommend routine servicing for your pump. This is absolutely the best way to ensure functionality. It also helps avoid the likelihood of relatively innocuous wear and tear leading to serious complications.

Thanks to our network of resources, we also have regular access to quality second-hand pumps. The best of these make it through exhaustive testing in our Proserpine workshop. If you are in the market for a pump at this time, you could find yourself with an absolute bargain of a pump.

Get in touch with the friendly team at Whitsunday Mowers and let our experts find you the pump you’re going to need at your property.