Red generator — Mowing in Proserpine, QLD

Sales & Service Generators Whitsunday

At Whitsunday Mowers, we love our generators. We sell and service Yamaha and Cromtech generators. Unless you’re in the bathtub, it’s nice to have electricity on tap.

Noisy but necessary, generators provide power where it’s needed—during outages, in sheds and other out-buildings, even powering tools out in a remote paddock. We make it our business to sell, service and repair generators that can light up a room, keep your fridge cold, and power equipment that might otherwise sit idle.

Customers who have purchased a generator from us, say they sometimes secretly look at the darkened house down the road and sigh. When the power is off in their neighbourhood, our customers experience minimal disruption. Their neighbour, meanwhile, is lighting candles and watching their food go off.
If you want the power to choose when to light candles and charge your mobile devices when the neighbourhood is plunged into darkness, you should get in touch with us today at Whitsunday Mowers.

Where to Buy Your Generator in Whitsunday

Orange generator — Mowing in Proserpine, QLD
We are fussy at Whitsunday Mowers when it comes to equipment. It’s not too much to ask, in our opinion, that gear works as expected. When we fire up a generator, we’re filled with expectation. And we’re not expecting to hear crickets. We want lights and action. Our expertise is in using our small engine smarts to weed out the lemons and come up with only the products that deliver on their promise.

This is why people come to us. They know they will get value-for-money products that stay the distance and offer a lifetime of reliability and strong performance. Add to that the fact that we have the training and experience to service the equipment we sell, and you have a recipe for long term satisfaction. But wait, that’s not all. We also source second-hand items and go over them with a fine-toothed comb so we can present them for sale with a clean bill of health. The money you’ll save can allow you to get your hands on a better model than your budget would otherwise allow.

You can buy new or used equipment from us and know you’re getting good gear at good prices. And you will also know that we’re here for you for service, parts and accessories. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our products at Whitsunday Mowers.