Truck carrying a mower, gray sky background — Mowing in Proserpine, QLD

Lawn Mowing Sales & Service Whitsunday Region

We sell mowers that make life easier. The last thing you need to be doing in this wonderful part of the world, is wasting your time with a micky mouse lawn mower. At Whitsunday Mowers, our policy is to help our customers—from homeowners to landscaping professionals—find serious machines that represent similar value for money to what you expect from your car.

Like your car, your lawn mower should start reliably every time and it shouldn’t struggle to get you from A to B without dramas. We’re small engine experts, so we’re drawn to well-designed, well-manufactured products that are built to last.
We’ve seen the cheaper products that spend more time disassembled in workshops than cutting lawns. We don’t sell those machines. Instead, we’ve shortlisted the machines that make sense long-term. They provide great performance and they don’t quit. Cox is one such brand. Made in Australia for Australian conditions, Cox is outstanding in the field!

These are mowers with a brilliant reputation, especially among people who make their living on the land. We can show you which model Cox will be ideal for your lawn, whether your block is big, small, flat or sloping. For landscapers and greenkeepers, as well as owners of large properties, we recommend the brands that not only make the best ride-on and zero-turn mowers, but also maintain the presence in Australia to support their excellent products.

Toro and Ferris are our favourites for those exact reasons. Watching zero-turns from these brands in action is a lawn mowing masterclass. They make fun of hard yakka. No doubt you want to avoid Buyer’s Remorse and get the best machine for your money—be it a push mower, a walk-behind, a ride-on or a zero-turn.

At Whitsunday Mowers, you don’t need to be a Big Spender. Aside from getting yourself a payment plan to ease your way into Big Ticket Mower, there are other ways! Read on…

Second-hand Mowers

Red lawn mower — Mowing in Proserpine, QLD
We mentioned earlier our expertise as small engine mechanics. This plays in your favour if you’re a little cash-strapped at the moment. We source second-hand machines using our established network.

Once again, we won’t be steering you toward problem models. This is your opportunity to get into a quality model at a used mower price. We sell machines that we are comfortable recommending, that we’ve tested in our workshop to make sure they can be relied on in the heat of battle.

And of course we will always be mindful that your choice of mower needs to be based on the demands your yard will place in it. It will be a mower suited to the task, factoring in the peculiarities of the land and the lawn. When you come to Whitsunday Mowers, you’ll be able to say “I fought lawn and the lawn lost.”

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