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Lawn mower repair — Mowing in Proserpine, QLD

Mower Repair Whitsunday & Secondhand Mowers

Whitsunday Mowers doesn’t take lightly the responsibility of selling second-hand gardening equipment. Our Proserpine showroom is not a trash-and-treasure store. And we’re certainly not Gumtree.

We are small engine experts and we use our powers for good, sourcing the best gear available through our vast network. You would not come to us expecting to buy a sick mower, only to try to rescue it and sink good money after bad.
Rather than lemons people are trying to offload, here you’re more likely to find superseded units traded for the latest models. When we take delivery of such an item, we hoist it onto our operating table.

Then, with the precision of surgeons, we perform a series of exhaustive tests. By the time we’re done, the machine in question will have undergone any necessary adjustments and satisfied our most demanding of technicians. This applies to our lawnmowers as much as it does to our secondhand generators, bushcutters, line-trimmers, chainsaws, and other gardening equipment. What you’d get for your money as a result, would be a machine that punches above its weight in terms of its sales ticket.

You would be buying a machine that provides upmarket performance at a downmarket price. Buying second-hand from Whitsunday Mowers, you can take confidence that you’re buying quality machinery from a company that has your back. As you might imagine, we are happy to provide warranties with our more expensive second-hand items.

No matter which gardening or lawn-mowing product you own, you can always call on our expertise and local convenience for your service and repairs. Our technicians are experts with serious track records in getting small engines to go big on performance and big on reliability. We have unlimited access to quality parts and accessories and our workshop is fully kitted out with everything needed to diagnose problems with great accuracy and fix them fast.

Servicing Your Gardening Gear & Lawn Mower

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Many of our customers are great believers (as are we) in maintaining their equipment methodically. Professional landscapers and greenkeepers cannot afford to knock back work because of equipment failures. Services can be scheduled according to the calendar or to estimated usage, just as you would with your car.

This helps keep any engine, small or otherwise, in tip top shape for reliable performance. More than that, a regular service is Preventative Maintenance. A grease ’n’ oil change, filter cleaning, and taking care of minor parts, is insurance against major parts having major problems. Get in touch with us today at Whitsunday Mowers if you have any service concerns at all with your gardening equipment.